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2018 Reggio Emilia Study Tour Scholarship


About the Educational Experience Reggio Emilia Scholarship

Educational Experience has shared a long-standing relationship with the Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange, valuing the influence and contribution this organisation has on the educational landscape. As such, Educational Experience is proud to announce a $5,000 scholarship for one educator to experience and study the Municipal early childhood programs in Reggio Emilia, internationally acclaimed for the inspirations, challenges and provocations they provide for all those concerned with the care and education of young children. Upon your return, you will play a fundamental role in conjunction with Educational Experience on a range of initiatives to communicate the learnings from experience with the wider educational community.

 About the Reggio Emilia Study Tour

The International Study Tour offers participants a wonderful introduction to the educational project of Reggio Emilia. The study tour will be conducted from April 15 – 20, 2018.

Study topics will include:

- Background and history of the Reggio Emilia educational project

- Children as citizens with rights

- The school as a system of interactions and relationships

- The environment and the educational space

- Observation, interpretation, documentation

- The Hundred Languages of Children

- Parents’ involvement in the life of the school

- ReMida (recycled materials as resources)

The Programme will include: 

- Presentations and seminars by teachers, pedagogistas and atelieristas

- Visits to preschools and infant toddler centres

- Visits to exhibitions

This experience is widely recognised as an invaluable opportunity to be immersed in one of the most influential early childhood settings in the world.

Travel Information

Educational Experience will provide the winning recipient $5,000 towards to attending the 2018 Reggio Emilia Study Tour. The $5,000 scholarship will cover the total cost of the study tour (approx. $3,000) with the remainder of the scholarship funding covering return flights from your nearest capital city.
Educational Experience would like to advise that the total cost of the Reggio Emilia experience is estimated to be in excess of the $5,000 worth of funding provided. It is, therefore, expected that the scholarship recipient will be responsible for the following costs:

- Accommodation


- Meals

- Travel Insurance

- Optional Events

- Incidentals

- Spending Money

- Recreational Activities

- Passport Fees (if you don't already hold a valid passport)

- Visa Fees (if required)

Scholarship Recipient Commitments

Educational Experience is proud to support the journey of passionate and dedicated educators who strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for future generations. In the weeks following on from your Reggio Emilia experience in its founding home in Northern Italy, Educational Experience will collaborate with you on a range of initiatives designed to communicate to the wider educational community about you experience. 


Download the full information package here


How to Enter

Within 300 words, please respond to the following questions, submitting your response to reggioemilia@edex.com.au by no later than 5pm Friday, August 25, 2017. Please provide your contact details including your name, position, telephone and school/centre/organisations details. A panel will review all submissions with the scholarship to be awarded on based on merit on Friday September 22. The successful applicant will be contacted by email and phone, with the details published on Educational Experience’s website.

Entrants must be over 18 years of age and be working as an educator within the early education and care sector in Australia.

Entries close Friday 25th August 2017


  1. What type of direct impact do you foresee yourself having on the educational landscape in your community after your Reggio Emilia experience? Please give specific examples.
  1. Throughout your career, in what way has the Reggio Emilia concept shaped your own personal philosophy?
  1. When you look to provide Reggio Emilia inspired learning spaces what educational resources do you look for? And how do these resources influence the learning?


For more information about the scholarship, please direct all enquiries to communications@edex.com.au


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