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What is edextras?

edextras is Australia’s first rewards programme dedicated to the early years sector! edextras is making more possible for every family, child and educator.

But the great news doesn’t stop there! Being part of edextras is free AND if you are an existing customer of Educational Experience you will automatically begin accumulating points after February 1st 2018.

Not an existing customer? Not a worry! Sign up at edex.com.au/edextras and start earning points today!

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Earning Reward Points

Simply shop online at www.edex.com.au, earn points and save on your future purchases. Every $1 you spend you will receive 10 edextras points.

Aim for the stars with edextras, we’ll give you that extra boost! From reviews to referrals, edextras is ready with a whole galaxy of ways to earn boost points.

Here are some examples of how you can launch yourself into edextras immediately:

- Customer Referrals

- Product Review Submission

- Updating Customer Details

- Subscription to e-newsletters

- Application of product tags

Redeeming Reward Points

You may redeem your edextras points at checkout. Once you have reached the set minimum amount, as outlined below, you will automatically be shown points as a payment method.

You may also combine payment methods. Using points and pay is a great way to stretch your dollar even further and to be rewarded every time you shop with Educational Experience. 


Reward Points Minimums and Maximums

edextras points become available for redemption once you have accumulated 1000 points in your customer account.

There are no maximum amounts of edextras points you may accumulate at any one time. 

Managing My Reward Points

You may check your points balance and points history at any time by logging into your online customer account on www.edex.com.au. From your account you are able to view your points balance and cumulative history as well as other information relating to your rewards.

From time to time we may also notify you of your available points balance in ways including but not limited to, direct mail, emails and other marketing material sent direct to you as the account holder.

A great way to manage your rewards is by signing up to receive email notifications each time your points balance changes. This option can be found in the Rewards Points section of your customer account. 


Reward Points Expiration

Once you have earned your edextras points they are yours to keep forever. That’s right, edextras points don’t expire! So, whether you want to be rewarded every time you shop, or are saving for that extra special item, edextras always has you covered. 

How much does it cost to join edextras?
Membership into the edexstras rewards programme is free of charge

I am an existing customer of Educational experience, how do I sign up?
Membership into the edexstras Rewards Programme is open and automatic to all customers of Educational Experience.

I don’t have an online account at Educational Experience, can I still accumulate edextras?
edextra points are only available to customers who are registered and purchase online. Simply visit edex.com.au and set up an online account when you are ready to place your next order.

How many points do I receive for every $1 I spend?
Educational Experience customers receive 10 points per $1 spent

Is purchasing items online the only way I can accumulate points?
No. The great news is you can accumulate edextras point in many ways including customer referrals, product review submission, registration/updating customer details  and subscription to e-newsletters. From time to time we may also offer boost points on a variety of products and services. Make sure you are receiving regular e-news from us to be kept up to date with the special offers.

How long do I have before my points expire?
FOREVER! That’s right, your points are your forever, they don’t expire until you use them.

How do I know how many points I have?
Simply log onto your online customer account (We need an exact location. For example – “and see your points balance right next to your recent activity”, we also may need to include an image here). You may also speak with one of our friendly Customer Service team to find out your balance.

How do I redeem my points?
Once you have collected a minimum of 1000 points visit edex.com.au, browse our fantastic range of resources and once you have selected the items you would like to purchase proceed to the check out. On the checkout screen you have an option to use your points as a payment method. By selecting this option, it will automatically calculate your points value and give you the remaining amount owing.

What if I need to return my item or if I cancel my order, do I still keep my points?
When items are returned, edextra points are forfeited with the exception of faulty goods. Edextra points are only applied to orders that have been completed. Please see terms and conditions (hyperlink) for more details

I completed an order online but my edextras points balance hasn’t updated.
edextras points will immediatly be added to your  once an order has been completed. If you feel a mistake has been made, simply contact our friendly team via phone on 1300 134 211, email at hotline@edex.com.au or on our online live chat.


1. Membership

 1.1 Membership of the Edextras Rewards Program, hereafter referred to as “Edextras” is open and automatic to all online customers of The Educational Experience Pty Ltd (‘Educational Experience’). Membership of Edextras is free of charge.

Customers may opt out of Edextras marketing correspondence by contacting us on 1300 134 211 or by emailing hotline@edex.com.au.


2. General Conditions

2.1   Participation in Edextras constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

2.2   It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Educational Experience if:

a) There are changes to your personal details (including, but not limited to, your name, address, email address or phone number). If we do not have the correct details, we may not be able to contact you regarding your account, rewards detail or any special offers.

b) You feel your Edextras account has been compromised, including but not limited to theft of points.

c) You would like your details removed from the account.

d) You wish to opt out of any future communication or marketing from Educational Experience regarding Edextras.

2.3   Edextras membership is non-transferable.

2.4   There is a limit of one Edextras membership per customer entity.

2.5   These Terms and Conditions are subject to change and any changes will be communicated to customers via a range of channels.


3. Earning Points

3.1   A minimum of $1 must be spent in a single online transaction to qualify for Edextras rewards point.

3.2   Ten (10) Edextras rewards points are earned for every $1 spent.

3.3   Edextras points are accumulated on whole dollar spend, exclusive of GST.

3.4   Any amount less than a dollar will be rounded down to the nearest dollar and will not accrue points. For example: an order totalling $1.20, the customer would earn 10 points.  An order totalling $40.50, the customer would earn 400 points.

3.5   Edextras points are earned on the total monetary amount of the order. This is defined as the amount Educational Experience receives minus shipping, discounts, store credit and vouchers.

3.6   Bonus points may be offered from time to time at the discretion of Educational Experience during special promotions including, but not limited to, selected products and product categories.

3.7   Edextras points may be also earned by customer engagement, including but not limited to:

a)      customer referrals = 250 points

b)      product review submission = 100 points

c)      updating customer details = 100 points

d)      subscription to e-newsletters = 100 points

e)      application of product tags = 10 points

f)       any other promotion or offer at Educational Experience’s discretion.

3.8   Edextras points have no expiry date.

3.9   Edextras points can only be earned on online orders placed at www.edex.com.au

3.10    Edextras points can be earned by trade/retail customers via Educational Experience’s trade customer portal.

3.11    Edextras points will automatically be added to the customer’s online account on     completion and receipt of payment for the order.[CW1] 

3.12    Edextras points are reversed if an order is cancelled, refunded or returned.

3.13    Educational Experience may correct erroneous, invalid points or adjust for reversed transactions at any time.

3.14    Customers may check point balance and point history at any time by logging into their online customer account on www.edex.com.au or by contacting Educational Experience on 1300 134 211.

3.15    Educational Experience may notify and display customer’s available point balance in other ways including but not limited to, direct mail, emails and other marketing material sent direct to the account holder.

3.16    Customers cannot transfer, sell or give points to any other person/customer.


4. Redeeming Points

4.1     Edextras points may be redeemed for products and services via the Educational Experience website (www.edex.com.au) only.

4.2     (1) Edextras point is worth 10 cents.

4.3     To redeem products or services customers must have a minimum of 1,000 Edextras points ($1) in their account.

4.4     To use Edextras points to redeem products or services, customers must select the Edextras points option as the payment method at checkout.[ER2] 

4.5     In addition to redeeming Educational Experience products and services, Educational Experience may offer from time to time additional rewards and third-party company products and services, which customers may use points to redeem.


5. Privacy

5.1 Customer privacy is important to us. The Educational Experience privacy policy forms part of these Terms and Conditions. The Educational Experience privacy policy sets out what personal information we collect, how we use it, to whom we may      disclose it and what your privacy choices are. Our Privacy Policy is available to view online at https://www.edex.com.au/help-advice/privacy-policy

 Our Right to Vary these Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to vary these Terms and Conditions and/or suspend, cancel or amend the Edextras Rewards Program at any time with or without notice.

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