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Djurumi-Djuya Chalkboards Set of 5

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As explained by proud Worimi woman and artist, Kristy Anderson, the meaning of this collection is “To see, look, watch and talk”. Around the outside of each animal are many different dots and colours representing all the people and areas across Australia, showcasing their differences and similarities. Each chalkboard has a story connected with each animal; Along the outside of the koala are meeting places and tracks the koala leaves as it climbs the trees to rest and walk the grounds of its home; On the platypus are the burrows and the water around their home and on the tail is running water of the streams and water holes were the platypus will play and gather food; The top of the kangaroo represents its journey as it leaves behind the tracks of its feet and tail making its way to a destination. The circles are rest stops and camp spots for the kangaroo; Turtles are graceful animals of the ocean. At the bottom of the turtle the lines represent the ocean and the turtle’s eggs. The circle and lines at the top represent the hatching of the eggs and creating new life; On the side of the crocodile are the tracks of the crocodile’s belly and legs crawling along the river’s edge to go lay her eggs. This is where she will rest and watch over her little ones. Platypus measures 49 H x 83cm W, crocodile measures 69 H x 82 cm W, koala measures 66 H x 90cm W, kangaroo measures 67 H x 92cm W, turtle measures 81 H x 92.5cm W. Set weight 3.7 kg.

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Code 491341

You're reviewing: Djurumi-Djuya Chalkboards Set of 5

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