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sTem – Technology within the Reggio Emelia philosophy

Monday, 13 August 2018 11:15:18 am Australia/Sydney



This National Science Week we sat down with Clarence Town Preschool Director and Reggio Emelia Scholar, Rebecca Bolland, to discuss the use of technology in early learning centres, particularly in light of her recent trip to the founding home of the Reggio Emilia philosphy.  

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STEM + art and craft = ?

Monday, 19 September 2016 7:30:00 pm Australia/Sydney


Have you ever though how close science and art is related? It seems like a strange idea, that two concepts have a seemingly rigid dichotomy could be linked directly. However when you think about the art and craft experiences you set up regularly you can quickly see how they relate. Colour mixing, playdough, bleeding, diluting, drying, all of these are linked back to STEM in one way or another.

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Technology in our ever changing world

Monday, 15 August 2016 7:00:00 pm Australia/Sydney


“While the technology is important, far more significant is the creation of a culture that actively inspires all to take risks, to seize the ever emerging opportunities and to constantly explore…” – Mai Lee, Education Technology Solutions.

This wonderfully constructed piece of persuasive writing resonates deeply within the Edex bones.

In a transforming world, the need to embrace the constant state of change is paramount. And what a beautiful thing this can be. Change to us means starting a revolution, creating a movement and shaping the future of the world we live in. 

STEM brings with it a sense of empowerment. It says to educators and children we believe in you, we trust you. We trust you to create, to innovate, to explore, and to take risks.

Educators and parents play a central role in developing children’s understanding and appreciation for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. When we provide children with access to a range of technologies we allow them to problem solve, extend on learning and understand the importance of technology in their world. Knowledge building can include showing how STEM improves efficiency and opens up new career opportunities.

There is however, the risk that technology and use of computers is a goal that is achieved or an outcome that is “taught”, is real and we must ensure we continually challenge our thinking.

Use of technology in Early Childhood is most rewarding when it expands, enriches, implements, extends, and individualises the curriculum in a broader sense.



We all know them. We have all probably utilised more than half of the above technologies so what role does STEM play in your life? How do you embrace it and share it with your children or student? Let us know you thoughts on this topic by commenting below.


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Comments | Posted in By Connie Osborne
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