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Craft Activity - Blast Off - Flying Rocket Activity

How high can you make your edextras rocket ship go? How does the angle you launch your rocket affect the distance it travels? Explore principles of mathematics and physics with this hands on activity from the latest Term 3 edition of edextras: your inspiration publication.

This activity is a great activity to try in your centre to promote STEAM based learning.

Resources Required

284810 Paint Pipettes

458911 Educational Experience Paper Coloured Straws Pack of 100

491534 Educational Experience Cover Paper A3 White

507746 Highland Masking Tape



Step 1. Download our edextras Rocket Ship template. We printed it in on our Educational Experience Cover Paper.

Step 2. Colour in or decorate your rocket

Step3. Take a paint pipette and cut bottom off it (ensure the end you cut off is the narrow end)

Step 4. Using masking tape, stick the pipette to the back of the rocket ship, with the thicker end of the pipette at the top of the rocket ship.

Step 5. Cut a straw to length and insert it inside of the pipette

Step 6. Blow through the straw and watch your rocket ship take off!


Extending the Activity

- How does the angle you launc hyour rocket affect the distance in travels?
- How does the type of paper you construct the rocket ship from effect how it flys?


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