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Developing Emotional Intelligence - Educational Experience

Supporting Mental Health and Well-being in Childhood

Developing Emotional Intelligence - Educational Experience

Increasingly, we are seeing more and more children being hindered with mental health issues that affect their quality of life including social interactions, physical health and overall wellbeing. Early educators are in a unique and powerful position to be able to support children in gaining an awareness and understanding of mental health issues. Educating children by teaching practical strategies to recognise and manage their emotions will benefit children now and into their future adult lives.

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In Focus in 2019: Developing Emotional Intelligence

In Focus: Developing Emotional Intelligence
Developing Emotional Intelligence - Educational Experience

“Emotional Intelligence is broadly defined as being able to recognise, understand and self-manage our emotions. It is just as important as a child’s academic ability and in fact, is a better predictor of happiness and success in life.”

— Dr. John Irvine (B.A.; Ph.D; MAPS; MACE)


Resonating deep within our own philosophies, these words, written by renowned child psychologist, Dr. John Irvine, have never had more meaning. In a world that is so dynamic, fast paced and complex, children are expected to be adequately emotionally equipped to deal with increasing challenges. 

The Early Years Learning Framework guides us to assist children to become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing. To us, this means allowing children to recognise, understand and self-manage emotions, producing higher levels of resilience and increasingly positive academic outcomes (Bloffwitch & Irvine, 2018).

The frameworks to guide best practice on emotional intelligence are countless. Comprehensive resources to support the child are, however, not as widely available or understood. It’s why we make it our mission to acquire and develop specialised resources that explore the gamut of ever changing emotional intelligence topics. We recognise identity and indigenous perspectives, just like respect and resilience or agency and autonomy all have a role to play in our daily emotional endeavours, journeying children across the wider curriculum.


Educational Experience encourages educators to challenge and excel current understandings of social and emotional learning, digging deeper, pushing harder, and looking longer for educational opportunities in every interaction. Before long the prospect of identifying and extending this learning will become apparent, giving you the chance to trust our resources to help you take learning to the next level.  From all-inclusive kits complete with evidence based research such as the WorryWoos™ Developing Emotional Intelligence Programme, to resources that provide endless opportunities on simple subjects such as interacting with others, Educational Experience is relentless in its pursuit of developing the emotional intelligence of our most valuable resource; our children.



Bloffwitch.J. & Irvine J. (2018). A Pilot Study: The Impact of the WorryWoos™ Developing Emotional Intelligence Programme on Children’s Social and Emotional Literacy and Regulation. Retrieved from

Embracing Change

Developing Emotional Intelligence - Educational Experience

Children’s identities, knowledge, understandings, capacities, skills and relationships change during childhood - Belonging, Being and Becoming; the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, page 7. Framing the discussion that shows your child that you are apprehensive can show your child that adults have emotional reactions to change, but manage them by talking about them.

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Anxiety Check-Up

Developing Emotional Intelligence - Educational Experience

Do you feel your child might be suffering from anxiety related issues? Use the “Anxiety Symptom Checklist” to identify symptoms of unhealthy anxiety. "Isn’t it incredible, that in a world where we have more money, more cures, more surveillance and more safety nets… We also have more anxiety than ever before? And our kids are feeling it!" - Dr John Irvine.

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