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Enjoying Time at Easter!

For some parents, Easter time involves plenty of delicious eggs (mainly of the chocolate variety), carefully crafted Easter hats, a visit to the Easter show, magical visits from the Easter bunny and a warm hot-cross bun with a coffee (or two). For others it is a time to take a trip and rest, reflect and relax… and for many it will be a delightful combination of both!

Easter provides a precious resource of time, where we can all escape the often rushed and hurried routine times and decelerate into a leisurely mode of ease and simplicity. As we spend this treasured time with our family, we create shared experiences with our children both inside and outside the home.

Holidaying over the Easter period is a popular tradition for families, allowing an abundance of opportunities to explore new surroundings and connect with nature. Making discoveries in the great outdoors not only provides physical activity and enjoyment, but encourages children to be curious, investigative and learn about the environment around them. Listening, discussing and questioning children about their sightings and encounters builds on their existing knowledge and understandings of the world around them (and often ours too)!

Remaining in the home over Easter provides children with the comfort of their regular environment combined with the advantage of time to enjoy with family. The indoors provide limitless possibilities for embarking on new art and craft projects. Hands-on activities such as painting, drawing and constructing allow children to express themselves creatively and use their imagination. The sensory and exploratory nature of art and craft encourages children to problem-solve, persevere and experiment with a range of materials whilst having lots of fun!

Regardless of your Easter plans, the cherished moments gained from shared experiences with your family over Easter time provide memories to reflect upon and most importantly fosters loving and nurturing relationships.


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