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Craft Activity - Construction Stick Catapults

Construction Stick Catapults

Our Construction Stick Catapult is a fun, easy hands-on activity that promotes curiosity, test predictions or to use as an activity hen learning about levers and simple machines.

Resources Required

239103 Teacher Soft Grip Scissors

489814 Educational Experience PVA Glue

488926 Educational Experience Giant Natural Popsticks Pack of 500

030627 Elastic Bands Pack of 1,000

458930 Educational Experience Little Pom Poms Pack of 1,000

489397 Plastic Bottle Tops Pack of 100



1. Have an adult cut 2 small notches into both sides of a popstick, about 2cm from the end of the stick

2. Take 8 more pop sticks and stack them up in a pile. Secure each end with elastic bands

3. Push one of the notched popsticks through the stack under the top stock on the stack

4. Flip the stack so the stock you pushed through is now on the bottom

5. Lay the second notched stick on top of the stack and secure the two popsicle sticks together with a rubber band as shown below. The notches that you cut help to keep the rubber band in place. 

6. Glue a plastic bottle top to the end of top popstick

7. Put a pom pom into the bottle top when dry

8. To catapult the pom pom, put pressure on the end of the top stick and let go. How far does your pom pom fly?


Extend the Learning

- Test our different types of materials in your catapult to see how far they fly.

- Apply different level of force when setting off yuor catapult to see how they affect the distance


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