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Constructing Creativity With STEAM Toys

Rainbow Architect 28 Piece Set, TikIt

One product, multiple uses

We can learn a lot from the way children play, especially when it comes to finding extra uses for seemingly simple toys and objects. I mean, think about it. Do you remember how many amazing ways you could extend play with a cardboard box, sheets and other odds and ends from around the house?

Check out this amazing open-ended educational resource for kids. A wooden toy suited for young toddlers to school-aged children with a range of educational, learning and creative possibilities.


An affordable alternative to the popular Grimm’s Rainbow

The Rainbow Architect Set is a beautifully crafted collection of seven wooden blocks in a range of shapes including; squares, rectangles, triangles and arches. An economical alternative to the popular Grimms rainbow sets, it offers a multitude of educational possibilities across a range of STEAM learning areas and developmental domains.

From a young age, children will be able to start exploring colours and characteristics of the shaped blocks and use their fine motor skills to manipulate and manoeuvre the blocks into new and interesting ways. The Rainbow Architect 28 Piece Set–or the individual shape sets–are ideal to engage children in STEAM learning as they can explore multiple learning areas in an integrated way.


Engineering: Explore, experiment and problem solve

Rainbow Architect for STEAM: Engineering concepts

Children can use their own imagination and innovative ideas to build towers, houses, or free-form sculptures either with one set of shapes or combining multiple shapes. Designing, developing and refining structures with the wooden blocks to create both a functional and aesthetic construction allows for children to explore the properties of the shapes and experiment with colour combinations.


Mathematics: Explore simple mathematical concepts

Rainbow Architect for STEAM: Mathematical concepts

A range of mathematical concepts can be explored with this educational toy, allowing for experimentation with size, scale, spatial reasoning and patterning. Children will gain an understanding of the geometric properties of common shapes and can make comparisons between sets. Opportunities to develop mathematical metalanguage exist as children have new language modelled which will support them in extending their existing vocabulary.


Creative Arts: Express creatively and extend and challenge play

Rainbow Architect for STEAM: Creative Arts concepts

The wooden blocks can be used as a basis to design and create spaces for small world play experiences. Adding provocations (que, Reggio inspired learning) such as wooden people, animal figurines, natural resources including sticks, leaves and pebbles as well as additional block sets with various shapes and textures will add a greater scope for children to be creative.

Developing scenes and spaces for the imagination to evolve is ideal for children to create roles and extend their expressive language as they dramatise storylines and develop simple plots.

The Rainbow Architect is the perfect toy for kids, and would make the perfect addition to your early childhood centre or home, to support a child’s creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

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