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Celebrating Father's Day

The role of fathers in children’s lives is unique and the relationship between father and child is something to be treasured.  The 1st September is reserved to celebrate the invaluable contribution fathers and significant male figures make to families. Whether they’re called Daddy, Papa, Baba, Grandpa, Poppy, Pappoús, Opa, Uncle or Ujak, they hold a priceless place in the hearts and lives of children. Being a father is not necessarily connected to biology, rather the effort, commitment and genuine relationship established by a man who chooses to make a significant difference in a child’s life.

In recent times, the role of fathers has shifted to hold a greater emotional and physical presence within the family structure, rather than the restrictive societal limitations from previous times. Workplaces are becoming more family-friendly and the significant connection between fathers and children is increasingly accepted and valued.

Fathers (and significant other male role models) play many and varied roles in children’s lives. Often men spend quality time sharing their own love of interests in sport, cooking, fishing, music, camping, gardening or board games to give children new-found skills and the pleasure of a joint interest. Equally, we see fathers dedicated to supporting the interests of their child by coaching or cheering along their football team, attending dance concerts and co-creating LEGO masterpieces.

No matter what the activity, quality time together contributes to building a precious life-long relationship, filled with love. Creating rituals with children such as reading a book before bedtime, a unique fist bump, meals, movie or games night creates a sense of security, identity and belonging. Having a ritual that has a special meaning builds relationships and shared memories.

Showing fathers appreciation by giving a thoughtful, hand-made gift is always a special and cherished keepsake of how much they mean to the whole family. Take the time to reflect on the significance of paternal bonds and let them know just how much they are cherished.

Educational Experience would like to wish all the special male figures in children’s lives a very Happy Father’s Day!




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