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Protecting the world’s greatest resource: its children: Dr John

Wednesday, 27 July 2016 1:28:04 pm Australia/Sydney


Anyone involved with children knows that children copy.

How we handle our own frustrations plays a huge part in our children’s behaviour and attitudes.

And, in case you think we can mask our true feelings, the fact is that up to 90% of what we communicate to our children is through tone and body language, rather than the words we use.

In Dr John’s latest book there’s a myriad of practical tips, activities and advice for helping young children manage frustration and anger.

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Educator's Perspective: STEMs in Construction

Sunday, 26 June 2016 11:59:36 am Australia/Sydney


In our final feature for Construction Month we are proudly joined by the team of dedicated educators at Glendale Early Education Centre. At Glendale Early Education Centre, STEMs are used throughout all aspects of our play based learning curriculum, including but not limited to construction activities. 

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