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Protecting the world’s greatest resource: its children: Dr John

Wednesday, 27 July 2016 1:28:04 pm Australia/Sydney


Anyone involved with children knows that children copy.

How we handle our own frustrations plays a huge part in our children’s behaviour and attitudes.

And, in case you think we can mask our true feelings, the fact is that up to 90% of what we communicate to our children is through tone and body language, rather than the words we use.

In Dr John’s latest book there’s a myriad of practical tips, activities and advice for helping young children manage frustration and anger.

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All Natural Construction

Sunday, 19 June 2016 8:43:16 am Australia/Sydney


There’s a spare block of land just behind Mr Ahmed’s corner store. There’s a few brittle and broken bushes, a smoke coloured gum tree and lush grass that Mr Ahmed’s son mows every few months. Everyone in the neighbourhood knows the corner store; its deli full of Mrs Ahmed’s home-made cheeses, tasty smoke hams and the freshest salads. You’ll find kids hanging around after school, nagging parents for an ice cream or a bag of lollies. But there’s another reason kids hang around in the spare block of land. It’s their space. The wooden grates, the boxes and various bits and pieces from back sheds and garages. Endless days together building make shift shelters- cubby houses for themselves. A place to retreat to. 

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