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Craft Activity - Cardboard Christmas Fireplace

No fireplace in your centre or at home? No problem!

Create a cosy Christmas scene for the festive season ahead with this easy DIY fireplace activity.

Resources Required

- Cardboard Boxes (preferably all the same size)

- 515661 Educational Experience Poster Paint Sienna 2L

- 482335 Educational Experience Poster Paint White 2L

- 089482 Kraft Roll 500ml Brown

- Clear sticky tape


1. We used 10 cardboard boxes of the same size to construct our fire place structure. We stacked 4 boxes on top of each other and secured together with masking tape. We repeated this process for the other side of the fire place. We then took 2 more boxes for our fireplace top and stuck together.

2. We wraped each of the 3 stacks in brown kraft paper. Once they were wrapped, we used clear tape to attach the 3 stacks of boxes into an upside down U shape to form our fireplace structure.

3. Using our Educational Experience Poster Paint in Sienna, we painted the entire fire place. This colour was great for simulating a rustic red brick colour.

4. Once dry, we created our brick patterns with our Educational Experience Poster Paint in white. Alternativley, you can also use masking tape to create the brick lines.

5. Voila! You have your very own mock fireplace to add a festive feel to your classroom or at home. Add a Christmas tree, santa stockings and presents to complete the scene.


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