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A New Year with Educational Experience

With a new year and new decade upon us, a new Educational Experience has emerged. We are presenting a new look and a new catalogue as we look forward to building a contemporary approach to presenting children with new resources, new learning opportunities and new experiences.

As Educational Experience enter a new era, we have taken the time to carefully reflect upon our past. We believe that engaging in our own reflective practice and by delving into learning more about you and your needs is paramount to a productive and positive partnership.

Throughout this process we have gained a far deeper understanding of both the challenges and opportunities you encounter as well as the service levels and products you require. This year we aim to enhance our service levels, provide a more concentrated resource selection and greater support for you in your quest to create aesthetic and functional learning environments and meaningful experiences for children.

Reflecting upon the past has also highlighted our ongoing commitment and dedication to support children holistically in their education, development and well-being. 

Now more than ever we can see that children’s positive sense of identity and wellbeing is greatly dependent on their mental health state. We are proud to exclusively offer the WorryWoos™ programme for educators and parents to empower children to gain a deeper understanding of their emotional intelligence, which will positively impact them now and into their future.

Mirror Triangle

Over the years, Educational Experience has continued to build strong relationships with Indigenous partners to establish and continually develop our Boolarng range. Indigenous resources support children to develop their cultural competence and our range of authentic products contribute to both educational experiences and environments to embed Indigenous perspectives into daily practices.

As a new decade awaits, our responsibility to engage children in experiences that enhance their creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration through a range of learning areas is imperative. Offering resources to develop children’s interests through project-based STEAM experiences provides open-ended opportunities for them to expand their own knowledge and understandings as they develop their own skills, processes and dispositions for learning.

Mirror blocks

In 2020, Educational Experience are eager to continue to support our educational communities to foster creativity, curiosity and connections by facilitating environments for current and future generations to play, learn and grow.


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