Times of the year like National Literacy and Numeracy Week provide a great platform for teachers to focus and reflect on their literacy and numeracy programs. It allows us, as educators to involve parents in the program and it also provides us with wonderful opportunities to share activities and raise awareness of the importance of literacy and numeracy.

As an Early Childhood Teacher, I try to incorporate early literacy and numeracy in all areas of my classroom and in the playground in a play based way. When young children are given opportunities to explore literacy and numeracy in fun, engaging and meaningful situations, they are more likely to have positive learning experiences. Regular, integration of literacy and numeracy play based activities provide important foundations for later learning.



I particularly love using natural materials to teach and reinforce literacy and numeracy concepts. Natural materials are easy to source, add a sensory element to the activity and being open ended, they enable children to explore, create and use at their own level.

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