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Father's Day is coming!

Father’s Day - That special time of the year where we celebrate the Father figures in our lives is fast approaching. Father’s Day is the ritualistic honouring of fatherhood and paternal bonds in society and culture. It is a beautifully traditional and predicable time of the year when children in early childhood settings all over the country converge of the craft trolley looking for any piece of manly goodness they can find to relate to the special father figure in their lives.

Just thinking about the day, you can visualise the “was once vibrantly coloured now turned army green” greeting cards hand crafted by under 5’s, you can nearly feel the crunch of the blue wrapping paper beneath your fingertips as you imagine the boxes of socks and jocks, golfing paraphernalia and gardening equipment being opened on that crisp September morning. It truly is a beautiful collision of parenthood and childhood where children wait eagerly in anticipation as Father’s embellish the gift giving process.

But it would be remiss of us not to mention the diversity of Father’s Day. For some, it is time for solidarity as families unite to remember a loved one. For others, it is a day where Father’s Day becomes Fathers’ Day.

No matter the type of celebration or how you mark the occasion, no matter if you are a dad, a grandfather, a donor, an uncle, a brother, a neighbour or anything in between, Educational Experience would like to wish you a Happy Father’s Day!


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