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At Educational Experience we understand the importance of inspiring minds, both young and old! The responsibility of creating opportunities for children to explore, create, play and learn not only rests with parents, but with our teachers and childcare educators a like. That is why we specialise in the supply of trusted and innovative educational products to preschools, schools and child care services throughout Australia. From puzzles to science, music to mathematics and craft to construction, we have over 10,000 toys and educational resources guaranteed to entertain and challenge young minds. We pride ourselves on the ability to underpin our educational resources with quality understanding and practical application. So if you are looking for some inspiration, browse our Inspiraton Centre and see how we can help you meet the educational outcome needs of your children today.

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In Focus in 2019: STEAM

STEAM in 2019

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) disciplines have become the focus of nationwide educational, political and financial focuses, with funding grants, specialist pilot programs and academic research illustrating the importance of these areas in fostering children’s innovative and creative abilities.

Now, more than ever, we are seeing the emergence of pioneering industries requiring more critical thinking, more creativity and more multidimensional learning. These industries are full of the problem solvers, the dreamers and the big thinkers addressing some of the world’s most complex problems, and making us as efficient and effect as possible in our daily lives.


The foundations for these industries are built in the Early Years, through the concepts of STEAM, and have been embedded into daily practice for many years. The difference now, and to us, is how we can stimulate and motivate you to confidently plan for, and observe, STEAM at work.

In 2019, Educational Experience will provide you with STEAM inspiration through our dedicated Engage. Inspire. Extend website feature, showcasing expert articles and specialist resource recommendations from new and existing ranges, all to prepare you, your classroom and your children for these economies of the future.

2019 Educational Experience Learning Resource Catalogue - OUT NOW!

2019 Educational Experience Learning Resource Catalogue - OUT NOW!

Welcome to another year with your learning resource partner, Educational Experience.

2019 promises to be bigger and brighter than ever, bursting with opportunities for you to shop, earn and save with edextras! We’ve introduced new ways for you to make your dollar go further, by giving your community the ability to nominate you to receive their edextras rewards points on every purchase, meaning you will accumulate points quicker and be able to redeem on your next purchase sooner.We like to think of it as year-round Fundraising!

As the early years sector continues to grow and develop, so too does our focus on the most prominent pedagogical and educational efforts.

Now, more than ever, we are seeing the emergence of innovative industries requiring more critical thinking, creativity and multidimensional learning. The foundations for many of these industries are built in the Early Years, through the concepts of STEAM. This year, Educational Experience has moved to the next level to ensure we supply you with what you need and more to get your STEAM curriculum sorted.

Equally as important as STEAM, in our pursuit of supporting childhood development, is emotional intelligence. While the frameworks to develop best practice are countless, comprehensive resources to support the child are not as widely available or understood. It’s why we provide practical tools across all categories to support the emotional endeavour, from holistic, evidence-based resources such as the WorryWoos™ Developing Emotional Intelligence Programme, to resources that focus on dimensions of emotional intelligence such as identity and indigenous perspectives.

This year, we are committed developing, supporting and rewarding the sector that gives so much to our community. Come with us as we continue to support children to play, grow and learn.

Inclusion and Wellbeing: Australia Day

Australia Day

“Promote in all children a strong sense of who they are and their connectedness to others – a shared identity as Australians…”  - Belonging, Being and Becoming, The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, page 23. A strong sense of individual identity can be supported through activities that promote and advance collective identities; Australia Day is one of those days that acts as an important time for early childhood educators to embrace the local community and most importantly engage parents in the celebration of our share identity.

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First Day Tips From Our Team

Transitions to School

The start of a new school year can be an anxious time for both children and parents – especially if your child is starting school or care for the first time. To help ease the anxiety, we have asked our team to share their first day words of advice.

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