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Mathematics Activities

Now available from Educational Experience are a range of great value teaching resources suitable for a wide range of activities. In addition to being great value, the products can be used in a wide variety of ways and our Teacher's Notes help provide suggestions to help you get started. You can download the Teacher's Notes by selecting from the list below.

Mathematics Activity DownloadsCode Size
1cm Linking Cubes 113555 Download 531 KB
2cm Linking Cubes 080366 Download 501 KB
Australian Animal Counters 264556 Download 448 KB
Bear Counters 076133 Download 423 KB
Counters 060681 Download 417 KB
Counting Cubes 030122 Download 496 KB
Dino Counters 076000 Download 466 KB

MAV - 2D and 3D Shapes:

Geometry Spatial Reasoning

  Download 269 KB
MAV - Fractions, Decimals and Percentages   Download 316 KB
MAV - Patterns and Algebra   Download 556 KB
MAV - Place Value   Download 479 KB
Pentominoes 061168 Download 652 KB
Plastic Pattern Blocks 090340 Download 556 KB
Square Tiles 056812 Download 480 KB
Tangrams 060566 Download 768 KB
Transparent Counters 030486 Download 378 KB
Wooden Pattern Blocks 015289 Download 560 KB

ALL the above Classroom Activities

in one file.

  Download 7.1 MB
2 Colour Counters  175885 Download 0.2 MB
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