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Querk Kindergarten Set

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Querks are a group of five animal siblings, each with different personalities: curious, quiet, confident, creative and friendly. Drago, Alvar, Erasmus, Bogdan and Cedric set out on their own adventures and then try to become the animals that they met along the way. The Querks soon realise they are perfect the way they are - they don't have to be anyone else. This resource is wonderful for celebrating the similarities we share and the differences that make us unique individuals. Includes five plush Querks, It's Beautiful to be a Querk and interchangeable accessories as featured in the story. As the Querks reflected on their adventures they thought about all the friends they had tried to make and they realised that the best thing they could have done was just be themselves, beautiful, lovable Querks. Each Querk measures approx. 44cm H. While stocks last

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Code 430006
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  • By Clare

    Review Date: 14/02/2014

    When I first saw these darling creatures I loved them straight away. They are beautiful to touch and cuddle up to, so soft and comforting. After looking a little closer I realised that they are not only gorgeous but special. They are special because they hold a purpose to allow children to realise no matter who they are, how they are knitted together they are beautiful in their own individual way. I have two sons both with adhd and I have experienced their hurt and discomfort of not knowing how to deal with their makeup. They both and I am delighted to say are two happy and healthy teenage young men but I would have loved to have come across these Querks with their story book which softly teaches children that they are perfect the way they are.

    The Querks arrive in a large egg which has soft inner lining fur to keep them toasty warm and a book named “It’s Beautiful to be a Querk”. It’s an adventure story of curious, creative and talented Querks who fail to see their own special ways. Through out the adventure your
    child or children can dress up the Quirks as they imitate the animals that the Quirks so desperatelywant to be like. Funnily enough they end up realising that its hard work pretending to be something that they are not and finally they believe and become at peace with themselves by just simply BEING THEMSELVES.

    I would recommend this item to all parents, especially the ones that are having their hearts tugged and to all schools and centres who love to esteem their little ones with positive, loving influence.

    Thank You

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