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A CraftyLIVing 

We are delighted to be working with Olivia, the incredibly hard working individual behind the online web and Instagram account AcraftyLIVing. 

Hi! I'm Olivia, a Career Nanny from Sydney Australia. 

I am the Nanny behind A Crafty LIVing - a website for Parents, Carers & Educators to gain knowledge and ideas on fostering the development of Babies, 
Toddlers & Preschoolers, whether that be at home or in the classroom.   

Firstly I thought I would introduce you to the "us" behind A Crafty LIVing. I, Liv, am the Nanny & blogger behind the screen. I live west of Sydney, & travel into the city daily for work. My Nanny Kids - 'Miss2' & 'Mr4' are the guinea pigs in front of the camera. You'll become quite acquainted with their little hands & feet!   

I currently work full time with them on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches. I also work part time & casually with Mr12, Mr10, Mr6, Miss3 & x2 Miss1's who you may see pop up in between Mr4 & Miss2.    


I left school when I was 16 and began studying Early Childhood Education to pursue my passion & dream of working with children. Before I started Nannying, I worked in a few Child Care Centers, however it wasn’t long before I realized that was not the setting I was best suited to. I began Nannying at 18 and completely fell in love, finding a career that suits my passion. Now 23, I am even more passionate about my job as it now includes the opportunity to inspire & encourage thousands of people around the world through sharing my knowledge, ideas & experiences.   


At times my job is exhausting – In addition to working long hours and traveling over 100kms to and from work daily, I spend many hours an evening behind the scenes of A Crafty LIVing, as well as planning and packing follow-up activities upon reflecting on the day. I very much live by the Confucius quote "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." You'll often see me quote this on my website and Instagram as I have moments of gratitude over my job and the opportunity I have been given to be a creative influencer; inspiring Parents, Carers and Educators around the world on something I am very passionate about.  

You can find us at www.acraftyliving.com   

Facebook www.facebook.com/acraftyliving   

Instagram www.instagram.com/acraftyliving   

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Twitter www.twitter.com/acraftyliving


Learning Through Play

Hi I am Heidi from Learning Through Play. 

I am currently working in the early childhood education sector as a kindergarten teacher. I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood).
My educational philosophy is based on the importance of play based learning. I believe that children learn best through hands on, open ended experiences that promote creativity and imagination.
I love following my student's interests through an emergent curriculum which integrates project based learning.

When selecting resources for my educational program, I like to choose resources that are open ended and that can be used for a variety of experiences.
Open ended resources allow children to play freely and foster imagination and creativity. When selecting resources, I think to myself "how many ways will we be able to use these in the classroom?"


Educational Experience is a go-to website for early childhood educators, like myself. Their broad range in educational resources is fantastic and caters for a wide variety of age, abilities and interests. As a kindergarten teacher, I love using resources in my classroom that are open ended and can be used in many ways, which is why I turn to Educational Experience for resources in our program. I have a busy classroom with children who have many different interests and I use a lot of Educational Experience resources to set up learning spaces and experiences based on the children's interests.
We particularly enjoy small world play in our kindergarten classroom and we use Educational Experience's resources to set up these learning spaces that encourage imaginative play. Our favourite resources are the wooden trees, wooden animals, wooden cities and community helpers to set up these spaces and I love the quality of these wooden resources. School readiness is always at the forefront of my mind as I prepare my kinder kids for ''big school''.
Using resources such as the letter beading set and magnetic letters is just one way I engage my class in literacy experiences, where they can learn through play.   


You can find us at https://medium.com/learning-through-play

Instagram www.instagram.com/learning.through.play


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