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Composting minimises household waste, improves soil composition, reduces water usage and helps to create a flourishing garden.

Set up a simple and affordable compost heap that teaches children to recycle food scraps, learn about the breakdown of plant and kitchen waste and see how that compost helps the garden to grow.


  Helpful resources:


Composting fact sheet

The benefits of composting in your school and some basic things that your compost heap will need in order for material to decompose successfully.


How to compost fact sheet

Learn more about the various ways to compost, and make some decisions about which technique is best for your school.


Taking learning outdoors

Outdoor learning offers unique opportunities to extend the potential of our children and young people.

  Handy links:

Sustainability Curriculum Framework - A guide for curriculum developers and policy makers

This document provides information and guidance on how education for sustainability may be structured to support a progression of learning from Kindergarten to Year 10.


Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority: Guide to the National Quality Standard

Sustainability in the National Quality Framework Standard 3.3: The service takes an active role in caring for its environment and contributes to a sustainable future.


Environment makeover: National Quality Standard ideas to actions

A series of video documents for early childhood educators focused on aspects of Quality Area 3: Physical Environment.


Addressing sustainability in the Australian Curriculum

Sustainability outcomes in the Australian Curriculum


International Composting Awareness Week Australia

International Composting Awareness Week Australia is a week of activities and events to improve awareness of the importance of compost.



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