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Today’s connected classroom provides many opportunities for teachers to share expertise and provide a range of experiences for their students. 

Video-conferencing has allowed us to take away the geographical boundaries that currently limit our students’ experiences. We are able to access resources and collaborative experiences to ensure our students have a well balanced view of both Australian and international issues and share in the experiences of other students. Video-conferencing opens up opportunities and presents insights into the world that our students would not usually have the opportunity to experience.



  Helpful resources:


Makedo craft creations

Want to make a chirping bird, a native American headdress or how about a buzzing bee? Educational Experience has provided step-by-step instructions for nine Makedo craft activities. 


ELECTROBOARD Video Conferences in 2014 

ELECTROBOARD offers a range of programs and resources for education institutions, educators and students. View the 2014 ELECTROBOARD Virtual Excursions Program and Schools Events Planner.

  Handy links:

Cardboard Challenge

For more information on the inspiration behind the Cardboard Challenge, to watching the video “From movie to movement” or to host a cardboard challenge visit http://cardboardchallenge.com/

Video conferencing in Australia

The Virtual Excursions Australia website is a video conferencing portal where you can find out about Australian virtual excursion content providers and links to Australian and international booking systems. Go to http://www.virtualexcursionsaustralia.com.au/



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