Ideal for Primary aged children.

Resources: Fake plane tickets, a world map, internet access, cardboard, paper, sticky tape, glue, pencils and pens, scissors, various arts and craft products.

Every child is to select one of the fake plane tickets out of a hat. They are then required to locate the city on a world map, sticking a pin in their destination.

100 points: Completing certain tasks allows students to collect points, with the aim of reaching 100 points. The points are allocated for a complete project and the quality of the project, as decided by the teacher. The tasks are as follows:

-          What continent is your city in? 5 points

-          What country is your city in? 5 pts.

-          What hemisphere is your city in? 10 pts.

-          What season is it in the city today? 10 pts.

-          What languages are spoken in the city and country? 10 pts.

-          What is the currency? 10 pts.

-          What are the major sporting teams in that city? 10 pts.

-          What major events, such as the Olympic Games or cultural events the city hosted? 15 pts.

-          What is the city famous for? 10 pts.

-          List the five tourist destinations you would visit in the city. Explain why you would visit these destinations. 10 pts.

-          What are the neighbouring countries? 5 pts.