There has been many nervous parents over the last few weeks. The transition from preschool to kindergarten is a great time for educators to reflect on how early childhood education is vital to prepare children for primary school. The transition to kindergarten is a yearlong experience. For a family with a child starting school for the first time, this transition is particularly stressful.


For a parent a child’s transition from preschool to school creates many feelings, excitement, nervousness, and fear even.

Communication is paramount to help a parent make an informed decision about readiness.

As the mother of twin boys facing the transition this year I was like every other mother who approaches me at the centre asking the questions ‘Am I sending them too early’? Are they ready? Will they make friends’? I discussed the notion of ‘school readiness with other educators at the centre and in particular the twins’ preschool teacher and we both agreed that yes they were ‘ready’ to go.

Together we thought about:

  • We were able to come to this conclusion after asking ourselves questions about the children.
  • We discussed their social skills and their ability to communicate with others: children and educators.
  • Their emotional resilience, how they cope in new and challenging situations and also their self-help skills, did they pack away their belongings?
  • Could they find their own bag amongst the other 20? Having spent the past 4 years in early education these were skills that they had successfully developed.
  • Are they able to write their name and count to 10?
  • Do they know the alphabet?

Over the years I have spoken with parents and their concern for children making the transition to school has been based on cognitive ability. We try not to focus on these abilities as each child develops at their own pace, we encourage through play based learning as their interests evolve and these skills continue to develop throughout their schooling life.

Extra observation and recording of social skills will allow educators to provide quality advice to parents. 

I feel a strong transition with the school is crucial and if the school offers transition days it is important to attend as many as possible as it is allowing the children the opportunity to build new relationships with peers, teachers and the environment that they will spend the next 7 years in. We purchased the uniforms and labelled our belongings and talked in positive language about the new adventures they would have at school (and not about the tears mummy had in the car on the way home!).

Preschool teachers and the school are a great source of help when faced with the questions you will ask yourself.


Jacqui Taylor is director of Rainbow Station Early Education Centre, Casino.

Rainbow Station Early Education Centre is a family owned and operated Long Day Care Centre Comprehensive Preschool Program with Qualified Early Education Teachers.

The Team at Rainbow Station Early Education Centre are committed to provide a safe and aesthetically stimulating educational environment where children can play, learn and develop to their full potential

Nominations and Awards:

  • Nominated as Child Care centre of the year 2016 WINNER :
  • National Director of the year 2015 Jacqui Taylor
  • 2015 State Winner Nestle NAN Toddler Early Childhood Director of the Year NSW/ACT: Jacqueline Taylor, Rainbow Station Early Education Ctr, Casino, NSW for Childcare Centre of the year 2014
  • Jacqueline Taylor FINALIST NSW/ACT Director of the Year 2014
  • Caroline Irwin Nominated Early Childhood Educator of the Year 2014
  • Lisa May Nominated Early Childhood Educator of the Year 2014
  • Jayde Darr Nominated Rising star Under 25 of the Year 2014
  • Jacqueline Taylor Nominated Early Childhood Educator of the Year 2014 Rating Meeting National Quality Framework Standard December 2013 (Within 5 months of change of management)
  • Karen Webber and Jacqui Taylor nominated for an ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award 2014

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