Enjoy the festive Spring with fetes that not only raise money but the spirits of the whole school community. Here are 12 of our Spring inspired activities to try at your school, centre or group or make to sell or do at your Spring fete.

Face painting

You will need:

Step by Step:

  • Use the painting stencils to choose your design or draw your own
  • Place the stencil gently onto the face
  • Carefully colour within the shape with face paint or face paint crayons using different colours
  • Remove the stencils to reveal a colourful design that can be easily washed off with warm water and soap.

Wind Chimes

You will need:

Step by step:

  • Decorate with Kindy Glitz Crystalite Colours for a handmade, custom designed garden chime.

Spring time pot plant

You will need:

  • Recycled Paper Pot - Pack of 10 388413
  • Sparkling Flower Jewels - Pack of 300  357103
  • Butterfly Gemstones - 50g 388538
  • Beautiful Mini Butterflies - Pack of 30
  • Liquicryl® Pearl Paint - 500ml Blue  164426, White 164467, Violet 164459,  Yellow 164475, Green 164434,  Pink 164442
  • Kindy Glitz 36ml - Set of 5 015537

Step by Step:

  • These Recycled Paper Pots provide a beautiful blank canvas for you to easily decorate as you wish. We used a variety of colours of Liquicryl® Pearl Paint to paint our pot with  pink borders on the top and bottom followed by a blue stripe and then a white band in  the middle
  • We used Gold Kindy Glitz and created a thin stripe around the top of the pot and the bottom pink border
  • Add some extra sparkle now using Sparkling Flower Jewels,  Butterfly Gemstones and Beautiful Mini Butterflies to complete your spring time pot plant.

Sand Pendant

You will need:

  • Sun Pendants with Funnels - Set of 24
  • Sand Art Figures - Pack of 24
  • Coloured Sand - 1kg

Step by Step:

  • Pre-prepare sand with a spoon for each colour so that they do not mix
  • Choose a figure or pendant, remove lid and insert the provided funnel
  • Add sand one colour at a time to create stripes. Continue to fill to the very top
  • Remove funnel and replace lid tightly

Handmade card and matching envelope

You will need:

  • Collected and Co Envelopes - Pack of 10 (432137)
  • Collected and Co Greeting Cards
  • Natural and White - Pack of 10 (432144)
  • Stamp Set Upper Case (432116)
  • Stamp Set Lower Case (432128)
  • Baker’s Twine - Purple and White (417149)
  • Baker’s Twine - Pink and White (417154)
  • Paper Tape Handmade With Love - Pack of 3 (432090)
  • Paper Tape Love Hearts - Pack of 3 (432100)
  • Metallic Butterfly Beads - 150g (416905)
  • Pastel Assorted Buttons - 70g (416979)
  • Heart Buttons - 150g (416951)

Step by step:

  • Decorate card and envelope with pieces of decorative tape - just peel and stick
  • Thread some buttons onto baker’s twine and secure ends with tape or glue
  • Using the ink pad provided with the alphabet stamps, stamp on your message
  • Extra finishing touches of buttons can be added with glue or tape


Rainbow Loom

You will need:

  • Rainbow Loom® Kit (436501)
  • Rainbow Loom® Rubber Bands - 600 pieces

(436517) Mixed Colour

(436627) Red

(436636) Yellow

(436643) Pink

(436658) Purple

(436662) Lime Green

(436670) Turquoise

(436689) Ocean Blue

(436691) White

(436708) Black

  • Plastic Utility Box (436712) optional
  • Colorations Pony Beads - 450g (357236) optional

Step by step:

  • Face the Rainbow Loom® as shown (watch the horseshoe shape pegs, the direction they face is  important)
  •  Begin with the centre row peg closest to you. Take a  band and stretch it diagonally across two pegs
  • Continue to add bands, one at a time, until you reach the end of the loom
  • Turn the loom around and begin at the second peg
  • Insert the hook into the hollow of the peg and pick  up the second band only, then manoeuvre the band onto the third peg and loop around. Repeat on the third peg and pick up the third band only, then manoeuvre the band onto the fourth peg and loop around. Continue to the end of the loom
  • Attach a c-clip to the last band looped.
  • Gently remove in an upward motion twisting a little to pop each band off its peg. Attach the loose band at the end to the c-clip.
  • Your bracelet is ready to wear

The Rainbow Loom® site has video instructions for a range of different designs. http://www.rainbowloom.com/instructions

Decorative soy candles

You will need:

  • Soy Wax - 1kg (373761)
  • Candle Wick - 65m (339234)
  • Gedeo Candle Mould Square (420542)
  • Gedeo Candle Mould Round (420535)
  • Heart Bling - 2m Roll (416933)
  • Bling Trim Hearts - 2m Roll (416946)
  • Pastel Assorted Buttons - 70g (416979)
  • Heart Buttons - 150g (416951)
  • Baker’s Twine - Purple and White (417149)
  • Baker’s Twine - Pink and White (417154)

Step by step:

It is important for this craft activity to have adult supervision as you will be using hot wax.

  • Cut a length of Candle Wick for each candle (approx. 5cm longer than the depth of the mould). Use double-sided tape to stick the end to the bottom of the mould
  • Wrap the excess wick at the top of the mould around a pencil or wooden stick laying across the top of the mould (use a few pieces of tape to secure to the glass). This will help the wick to stay in the centre of the candle while it sets
  • Put the desired amount of soy wax flakes in a microwave safe, glass jug with a handle (which you can safely and easily pour from)
  • Microwave on high for 1 minute intervals, checking the consistency as you go. The wax will become a clear liquid when it is ready CAUTION: THE MELTED WAX WILL BE EXTREMELY HOT
  • Carefully pour the hot wax into each mould
  • Leave for 12 to 24 hours to set at room temperature.
  • Ensure the moulds are in a safe place and out of reach of small children
  • Once set the soy wax will become solid white. Stand the mould in a bowl of hot water until the edge is loosened enough to remove from the mould. Leave the candle on a ceramic surface (such as a plate) to re-harden
  • Lastly, cut the wick to the desired length
  • You may want to experiment with different shaped candles. We used Gedeo Candle Moulds and an assortment of mugs and drinking glasses to create our assortment of candles.

Paper Kite

You will need:

  • Decorative Paper – we used global village craft paper Pack of 48  238824
  • A4 Spectrum Board 089573
  • Kindergarten Scissors
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Glue

Step by Step:

  • Cut two strips of prism board to form a cross shape and glue them together
  • With a whole piece of decorative paper, cover the cross to make a diamond shape
  • Fold the pieces of paper up under the diamond to make it sturdier
  • Cut small circles out of each decorative paper. Glue these circles alternately onto the front of the diamond making a kind of patch work effect
  • Cut a piece of satin ribbon 40cm long. Glue an end of the ribbon onto the back of the bottom of the kite
  • Cut another small circle out of each of the different patterned papers you used. Make two small slits in the centre of the circles about 1cm apart.

Tie Dye T-shirts

You will need:

  • Jacquard Tie Dye Kit


  • Bottles of dye
  • Mixing bottle
  • Soda ash dye fixer
  • Disposable gloves
  • Rubber bands
  • Paper towels
  • 100% natural fiber t-shirts, garments, canvas pillow cases, calico pencil case, cotton bag
  • Plastic bag or plastic wrap
  • Bucket
  • Drop cloth, plastic sheet or newspaper (to protect work area)

Step by Step:

  • Prepare your work area by spreading drop cloths or plastic to protect surfaces and put on gloves
  • Add packet of soda ash into a bucket filled with about 7 litres of hot tap water. Stir to dissolve. Add shirts to soda ash mixture, and soak for 20 minutes
  • Fill dye bottles with warm water to about ½ inch from the top of the bottle. Recap the bottle and shake to mix
  • Wring out your shirts from the soda ash mixture. Do not rinse. Soda ash mixture can be re-used
  • Tie up your shirts and dye in triangle, line or spiral patterns or make up your own! There’s no right or wrong way to do it
  • After you have applied the dye, place shirts in a plastic bag or wrap in plastic. Let sit 12 to 24 hours. Rinse in cool water.
  • Wash as normal with like colours.

The Jacquard Tie Dye Kit comes with full instructions and a DVD with multiple folding techniques. It includes the first five pieces of equipment listed as needed.

Mr Fothergill’s guide to establishing a vegetable garden

You will need:

  • Willow vegetable planter 356485
  • Essential Gardening Kit 431741 or Essential digging patch kit 420094
  • Sprouts alive

336099 Snow Pea

336123 Alfalfa

336107 Mixed Salad

  • Mr Fothergrills

261800 Carrot All Year Round Seeds

372391 Green Emperor Broccoli Seeds

372417 Cucumber Lebanese Seeds

372433 Onion Early Californian Seeds

372466 Tommy Toe Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Step by Step:

  • Select a location. Ensure it is a site that receives a minimum of six hours sunlight a day
  • Prepare soil. Soil must be well prepared prior to planting. Add organic matter to provide nutrients, improve soil structure and ensure good drainage. If starting a garden in a raised bed or container be sure to use good quality soil mix combined with extra compost or manure
  • Plant seeds. The ideal sowing depth is about twice the seed diameter. Sow seed at the recommended spacing and cover lightly. Refer to the back of seed packet for specific sowing details.
  • Care and maintain your vegetable garden by watering the root area, avoiding the foliage. A good soak every few days is recommended. Maintain a weed-free garden by pruning leaves off the ground
  • Rotate crops, alternate the varieties of vegetables grown in one place from year to year.

Play Croquet

You will need:

  • Santoys croquet animal game  252270

Step by Step:

  • This game is designed for 1 to 4 players and is usually played in pairs against another pair
  • Choose a partner and toss a coin to decide which pair begins the game
  • A player uses the same colour ball for the duration of the game (ball colours are black and blue versus red and yellow)
  • Mark out the course with the five animal hoops and four pegs (the two trees signify the start and finish of the course)
  • Each ball must run the course, passing through the five hoops twice (forward through the course then back through)
  • The team that completes the course first wins

The Santoys Croquet Animal Game comes with playing instructions, which provides more information, details on advanced rules, scoring and rule variations.

Paper Maker

You will need:

  • The Paper Maker Kit
  • A sink or large storage tub
  • A flat board and a wet cloth (different cloths create different textures)
  • Clothes airer for drying
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Waste paper (newspaper, tissue paper, serviettes or crepe paper)

Step by Step:

Prepare the paper mix

  • Take one or two sheets of newspaper, tissue paper, serviettes or crepe paper and tear into squares
  • Half fill a bucket with warm water
  • Stir in pieces of newspaper
  • Pour the pulp into a sink and add another bucket of water.

Pull the paper

  • Place the deckle onto the mould
  • Submerge vertically into the pulp then slowly move horizontally
  • Bring up to water level and shake gently
  • Carefully lift out of the water and shake lightly
  • This is called “pulling the paper”. A sheet of paper has now formed in the mould, allow excess water to drip out.


  • Remove the deckle from the mould, slowly place face down on a wet cloth laid over a flat board and place another wet cloth on top of the sheet of paper
  • Continue the process for each piece of paper, ensuring a wet cloth is laid between each
  • When the paper stack is complete place a second flat board on top of the pile. Add a heavy book to apply pressure to the stack “post” and leave for 10 minutes.

Remove the sheets

  • Remove the top board and cloth
  • Loose sheet and gently roll off the cloth underneath
  • Hang the sheet over a clothes airer to dry
  • When the sheets are almost dry re-stack them between the boards for a final pressing (1 hour minimum, overnight maximum)
  • Remove board and separate paper to use
  • Option: Add materials such as craft leaves, lavender or rose petals to create patterns and texture in your paper.

The Paper Maker Paper includes full instructions and illustrations