Helping Young Worriers Beat the WorryBug is a practical go-to guide for anyone who is interested in helping kids thrive emotionally.

Written by renowned Australian child psychologist, Dr John Irvine in a collaborative venture with Andi Green, the creator of the WorryWoo Monsters, this book acknowledges the growing problem of anxiety in kids – everywhere, which calls for immediate and timely attention.

As one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading suppliers of quality, innovative learning resources, underpinned with practical application and academic overlay, Educational Experience has partnered with key organisations and experts including Dr John, Life Education and Australian Family.

Through this partnership with Dr John, and as the exclusive Australian supplier of the WorryWoo Monsters, Educational Experience introduced Dr John to the WorryWoos and later their US based creator Andi Green to produce this guide of therapeutic ideas and activities. This guide is part of the WorryWoo plush toy and booklet range to support educators and parents to help children manage anxiety related issues.

Educational Experience is a trusted learning resource supplier and advisor with 37 years’ experience.  General Manager, Angela Gibson said Educational Experience aligned itself with innovative people, products and companies who actively seek to inspire and enrich children’s learning and development.

“We don’t just sell products, we forge relationships,” Mrs Gibson said.

“We are proud to have played a critical part to create and nurture the relationship between a leading specialist and the creator of an educational resource that enables children to increase their social and emotional wellbeing.”

Dr John has tackled the issue of worry and anxiety by presenting sensible advice for parents, educators and other caretakers in this guide. It includes background information on the origin of worry, an assessment guide to help determine the problem, as well as fun-filled activities to deal with the worries that kids encounter in today's society.

Useful suggestions combined with a touch of the whimsical, provided by Green’s drawings of Wince, the main character from her award winning Don’t Feed the WorryBug, serve to keep the adults as well as children, engaged in meaningful dialogue. 

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