Evan, aged 3, reviews the Tub Fun Traffic from our Fundraising Catalogue (346759)

“Oh cool. There’s a car, bike, ambulance, ute and a bus. Oh, traffic lights too! The red light means stop, the yellow slow down and the green means go!

There’s 7 cars and 1 bike. They can stick to the walls; but can they float? Yes, they can!

Oh, I’m never getting out of the bath!”


Beth, aged 6, reviews the Hape Ukulele Red (415535)

“I can hold the ukulele just like mum holds her guitar! My fingers go here and I have to flick the strings here.

I like the colours, all the shades of red. I can dance with it and one day I’ll start a band!

I have to be very careful though, it is very light and only mum can play with the knobs.”


Blake, aged 4, reviews the classic Mobilo (045633)

“I’m going to make a car! The wheels go here; I’m going to make it a six wheeler.

All the colours are nice; but the car will go faster if it is all red!

Oh cool, this one can spin around. These parts are very tough. I might need some help with getting these a part so I can make a dinosaur with wheels.”


Amelia, Age 7, reviews the Castorland at the Zoo – 20 piece puzzle (432493)

“Oh, wow! Do you think this will be too hard? Can I do it now? Remember to do the corner pieces first. The pieces are so big and easy to fit together. The baby animals are very cute; they are with their mums and dads.

My favourite is the polar bears, they have caught a fish.

I like that there is a family in the puzzle and animals from Africa.”