All Australian children are taught the meaning of a ‘fair go’ by their parents and teachers but what if they could play a board game which gives them an opportunity to experience what they have been taught.

Australian retired teacher, Andrea Thompson, has provided this opportunity by creating her board game, Fair Go, which is now available from Educational Experience.

Fair Go supports the Australian Social Sciences curriculum, particularly in its emphasis on civic responsibility. It involves helping each other, waiting your turn and observing, adding up and predicting your opponent’s liabilities and making decisions about when to become the next industry leader. Will you find a cure for cancer, save a coral reef or lose half your money through poor business decisions?

Start a conversation about the environment. Play a game that is not gender specific, allows different ability levels to play with each other at the same time and has an inbuilt handicap to see all players have an equal opportunity to play until the last dice is thrown with no one predicting a winner.

Do you have second language learners in your class? Download a translation of the simplified rules from the website and watch a video of how to play.

How will you cope with life’s ups and downs? Play Fair Go  and find out.