How do YOU celebrate?

Festivals is a vibrant ‘big book’ researched and compiled by Louise Park. Each page showcases one of the many ways in which Australian Indigenous cultures celebrate different occasions. The visually engaging photographs will draw in readers of all ages however the large print text suits lower primary school best. The repetitive text alternates between “When we celebrate…” and “Sometimes we…”, providing young readers with the structure to feel confident and accomplished while reading along.


Festivals concludes with informative endnotes compiled by Bev Harvey, describing several celebrated festivals: Darwin Grand Parade, Stompen Ground, Yeperenye Festival, Laura Dance and Cultural Festival, Torres Strait Cultural Festival, Walk for Reconciliation and NAIDOC Week.

The endnotes explain that festivals have been a part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander life for thousands of years. Celebrations could last for many days and nights with people visiting from neighbouring areas. Many of the elements that were once celebrated continue today in Australia, including singing, dancing and body painting.

Festivals is a fantastic resource that can be adapted across primary school grades. The large, detailed photographs are great to support cultural inclusion in early childhood settings and for older readers as stimulus pictures. The large print text is fantastic for modelled and whole-class reading in lower primary years.