Day 1:

Winter Garden Challenge

Developing a child’s respect and knowledge for all things environmental can begin with the responsibility of making and maintaining a garden. With the cooler weather across much of Australia, it is a perfect chance for children to get outside.

Using our exclusive herb and sunflower windowsill kits means a winter garden challenge is easy to manage. It is vital that it is communicated that this activity is all about the child’s self-discipline and confidence. The responsibility of maintenance will enhance every facet of a child’s development.


- Form groups to create and maintain the herb garden; have a range of ages in each group to build leadership skills of older children.

- Make a wall chart for each group to track daily watering and weeding;

- Take the children outside at different times to show how the sunlight reaches different areas.

Day 2:

Creative Construction

Building and construction play are a perfect way to spend a winter’s day. In an added twist to enhance how the children communicate include a number of engaging group tasks. Allow children to work in pairs, with other pairs judging the best building. Providing time limits for the groups will challenge the children to work together, enhancing their team building skills. The group with the best building can challenge the adults to a building competition. When you have a group particularly interested in building and construction problem solving skills can be enhanced.


Before the children arrive, hide some of the most important blocks around the room or outside. Seeing how the group reacts and works together to solve the issue of the missing pieces will be an important observation of a groups’ developments.

- One on one challenge: using the Tegu classroom set, organise a competition between children.

Complete with draw and prizes, the winning child can challenge the adults to a ‘build off’.

- Who can build the strongest house? Use heavy items and measure which design can handle the most weight!

- Time limits are a great way to challenge the older children; use our Easy Timers Class Set to see which groups can build the biggest building in the shortest time.

Master Builders Challenges

• Tallest tower (must stay up for 3 minutes!)

• Strongest house

• Fastest car (Tegu resource is perfect!)

• Longest tunnel.

Round Robin

• Each group of 3 begin creating their building; after 3 minutes, they have to move to the next group, and that group moves on. They have to continue the construction of the other group. After another 3 minutes, they have to move on again.

Day 3:

Winter Reading Challenge!

Looking for a winter’s day activity for all children?

With the annual National Book Week to take place in August, it is a perfect chance for children to prepare for the coming school term.

The theme of the 70th Book Week is Books Light up our World. There is no limit to how books will light up a winter’s day. Here is our guide for developing a vacation care program for a winter reading challenge.

Allowing skilled readers to pair with children new to school is a good activity to include in your winter reading challenge. Developing art projects that include posters of sight words will help engage children in their developing literacy skills. Posting the art works around the centre means they become important visual reminders for the children.


- Chart the children’s success: set up a chart in the home and add a sticker when a child completes a book.

- Transform the book in to a dramatic play; a great way to bring technology into learning with the adults filming the play. A great thing to share with the family!

- There are a thousand art projects that can come from books:

• Try redesigning the cover of the book;

• Retell the story with different pictures, or add pictures if the children are reading chapter novels,

• Design posters promoting the book to other children. To engage your older kids, try some of these multiple literacy tasks; make the tasks interesting by allocating points for each completed task, the first group to make 40 points wins an award!

Writing - Write an alternate ending to the book.

Speaking - Read your favourite page to a small group; extra points for accents, hand gestures and eye contact!

Designing - Design a poster for the film version of the book.

Drama- Take your favourite scene; rewrite into a play; then practise, design props and costumes and put on a performance for the adults.

Day 4:

Is it cold outside?

Start the day with board games!

The traditional board games we know and love are full of problem solving, literacy and numeracy; also a focus on resilience can easily be embedded into a fun day of board games. By allowing older children to teach the younger children the different rules, the older children will develop important communication skills.


- Make visual reminders of how we play games: fairness and honesty are vital concepts to share with the children.

- Age challenges can entice children of all ages.

- Art and craft task: Making your own board games is an innovative task for talented older children.

Provide dice, craft materials and rewards for the group who comes up with the most original board game.

Day 5:

We love Art & Craft!

Platey Matey

Step by Step

• Cut out a semi-circle of patterned paper (whichever pattern and colour you like best) and using glue or double sided tape attach to a third of the plate on the outer edge to form the bandana.

• Cut out some feathers or leaves and/or squiggly tie shapes and using glue or double sided tape attach at sides to decorate the bandana.

• Using a black marker, draw on your platey matey's nose and mouth (can be as funny, mean, or happy as you like) then draw in the eye patch.

• Add a joggle eye and your platey matey is a...rrrrrgh...done.

To get started you will need

• Paper Plates - Pack of 100 009902

• Patterned Paper Classpack - Pack of 248 414396

• Joggle Eyes in a 5 Layer Jar - 360 pieces 373548

• Crayola® Washable Super-tip Markers - Pack of 40 116087


Join us next Monday for another week of winter wonderland activities!