National Science week runs from 11- 21st August 2016 and we are celebrating all month long with great ideas and inspirational resources. So let’s  get straight to it.

As educators and parents, it can be difficult to find the balance between intentional teaching methods and child initiated learning experiences, particularly in areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEMS) where complex concepts require purposeful planning.

At the core of child initiated and play based learning are belonging, being and becoming. Belonging to a learning community, being in the moment of learning new concepts, becoming confident in learning and the skills that come with it.

STEM and play based learning have a reciprocal relationship where children take their learning in which ever direction they choose, providing educators and parents with teachable moments and sustained thinking.

Think about a child’s everyday routine, there are teachable moments that explore STEM in nearly every minute. Let’s stop and think about meal time alone. Concepts such as force and push and pull are explored simply by cutting a piece of food. Mathematical concepts are exposed when trying to find the right sized lid to fit on the container. What about asking where did certain foods come from and how did they get to a lunch box?

Children from an early age need to engage with science and have the opportunity to build on their natural sense of wonder and connection with the world.

Throughout the month of August we will be sharing our inspiration, our thoughts and our exciting resources with you, but we want to hear from you. What STEM concept do you find difficult to explore? What inspiration would you like to see?

In our research we have accumulated many words to start your scientific journey. Here are just a few to get you thinking. What else can you add? Comment and share below.

Scientific word bank: - Physics, Skeleton, Science, Magnetism, Biology, Pulley, Chemistry, Technology, Force, Experiment, Specimen, Environment, Solar, Erupt, Reflection, Discover, Analyse, Mathematics, Gears, Anatomy, Engineering