Your children or students are developing into highly imaginative writers. You want them to have a real audience for their work. Where do you begin?


online safety

Creating safe and secure but real live online spaces for your students can take their writing to another level. The benefits are endless; not only will students develop their writing skills, they will gain confidence knowing that their writing has a real audience. The addition of the online space will create an environment of reflection and proof reading that will improve their literacy skills. There is no better way to improve grammar and spelling than by the student knowing their writing is going live.

The collaborative skills that will be promoted once students are confident with the online space are an important feature. The online space must provide for students to comment on fellow students' writing. This is an ideal chance for explicit teaching about providing cool and warm feedback that is about improving the writing. This interaction will help you create noble digital citizens.

Experienced education leader (and long-time blogger), Darcy Moore, recommends Weebly as the first place for teachers to look. "Weebly is a brilliant tool for teachers who wish to create safe spaces for students online that allow for creativity and flexibility." Darcy highlights that, “An education account is inexpensive and enables the teacher to make the sites live when they are ready for a larger audience.”

NSW Department of Education and Communities Literacy Consultant, Stewart McGowan is also planning to check Weebly out. He notes that accessibility and safety are the key issues in regards to online space for children. Stewart suggests online collaborations that can enhance learning including, “An Edmodo group as an editing circle, graphic software to create the pages for publication, and publication on a blog as well as on paper.”


Darcy Moore is Deputy Principal at Dapto High School.

Stewart McGowan is a Literacy Consultant with NSW Department of Education and Communities.

The EE Team thanks them for their contributions!