During Musical May we have featured many learning activities that enhance a child’s development. We believe that music has a place in every teaching and learning experience.

As Dr McIntyre reflects, for many children, music is an essential element of emotional and personal growth. ‘From my personal experience as a child music was my saving grace,’ said Dr McIntyre. ‘Not only was I surrounded by music, we had the radio playing all the time, but it was a deep part of our family culture.’

His love for music originated with his family. ‘We had family singalong’s around the piano, my Mum had a large collection of records and my aunts and uncles were all involved in one way or another in a number of dance bands.’

This love of music has lead to a long and distinguished career in the music industry and academia.

‘I also used to earn my pocket money by guessing the hits of day as they were played on the hit parade. For each one I got right I was given a shilling!’  Dr Phillip McIntyre


One of Dr McIntyre’s areas of interest is how novel and valued things are created by human beings. For him, music is central to human endeavour. ‘Music, for me is simply part of my everyday life. It is a constant. I listen and I play every day.’

Dr McIntyre’s own musical education has been largely informal. During his research, he found this was the case for many song-writers. While many schools have formal music programs, including informal appreciation of music in the classroom can inspire and extend children.

Many of Australia’s greatest song-writers had their interest and skills fostered by schools. As Dr McIntyre highlighted ‘many song-writers learnt at least some of their skill in music from the formal educational system we all experienced here in Australia.’ You may have a future artist in your class!

Dr Phillip McIntyre is a researcher who has also had over twenty-five years of relevant industrial and professional experience in all facets of the Australian music industry.

His work as a music journalist entailed interviewing and writing feature stories on a wide range of musicians including David Bowie, John Fogerty, Paul Kelly, Don Walker, Daniel Johns, Mandawuy Yunupingu, Tim Rogers and many others. A number of the music videos he produced, directed and edited have been broadcast on ABCTV and he continues to produce and engineer music CDs for local artists. He has taught in the Ausmusic Basic Music Industry Skills course at TAFE, which included Daniel Johns from Silverchair as a student in the songwriting course he taught, as well as teaching courses for the Music Industry Training Package at WEA.