The month of March is all about celebrating the diversity of the Australian identity and how educational professionals and parents can help children engage with the world around them.

Here at Educational Experience, our team has a rich range of cultural identities; we have people with backgrounds that reach across the globe. We value this diversity in the way it captures the broader Australian identity: we bring experiences from all over the world to help shape who we are.

We hope you join us in this month of celebration what we bring to our modern diverse community.

Have you ever considered the meaning of harmony? Here’s the formal definition:

Harmony, noun

1. agreement; accord; harmonious relations.

2. a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity.

The word originates from 1350-1400; with examples found in Greek (harmonía), Latin (harmonia) followed by use in Middle English ‘armonye’ and Middle French.

For us, this is a month full of reflection, recognition and refreshing our desire to promote harmony.

The myriad of cultural, social and religious identities in Australia means that we are one of most culturally rich nations on earth. We know that our diversity is one of our unique characteristics.

But we do have to remember that this isn’t a new development. While the waves of migration since the First Fleet have brought the world to Australia, in our pre-history there are thousands of years of identities that were as richly diverse as we have today.

From the oceans, rivers, the ridges and ranges, the arid plateaus, the tropical north…different languages, cultures and peoples lived in harmony with the land and in the vast majority of cases, in harmony with each other. While multiculturalism may be ‘new’, Australia as a place of many cultures is not.

Our features will explore how you can celebrate social inclusion, emotional intelligence and empathy in children, all with the message of harmony.

This Harmony Month we say join us in celebrating our shared identities, recognising that all identities, personalities and cultures are valued.