“Our partnership with Life Education complements our shared passion for education,” says Angela Gibson, our General Manager. “Over my ten years at Educational Experience, our vision has been about creating confident, resilient and knowledgeable children,” adds Angela.


a. Teeth and ToothbrushLife Education students just love the giant teeth and we go through the correct way to brush the teeth with them. It is a great resource that really does assist the educator in a practical way – highly recommended.
b. Sandwich Layer PuzzleAfter learning about nutrition in the Life Education ‘Harold’s Mystery Tour’ lesson, teachers can re-enforce the messages in the classroom using this fun puzzle.

c. Hape Rise and Shine toasterThis is a fantastic dramatic play resource for children in early childhood settings. After the Life Education early childhood ‘Harold's Healthy Play Day’ lesson they can role play making their own healthy breakfast with the toaster.

d. My Size InsidesLife Education students love looking inside the human body when they visit the Life Education mobile classroom. Imagine how much fun they will have back in their own class when they can see their insides on the outside of their bodies!

e. True to Life X-RaysThe children find the X-Rays fascinating and this is a great pictorial resource.  Life X-Rays works well in a Life Education lesson in clearly showing the children the ‘amazing body parts’ we all have.