Our daughter’s frist school teacher has been teaching as long as we have been alive.

There’s a natural anxiety when the first child begins kindergarten. Suddenly, your baby is going to be spending more time with another adult beyond her immediate family. With every fibre there’s worry.

Will the teacher care? Will the teacher be patient with her? Will the teacher inspire her with her passion and knowledge? Will our girl make friends?

Everyone has their trepidations. Us more so. 

Everyone wants the best for their child. Everyone believes their child is unique. Every child comes with their interests and loves, and if they are like ours, their dislikes.

Not everyone knows the education system like us. For some reason the more you know the more worry; will she will be just another kid? 

Yet, every single thing has been provided. Time, support, endless endless support. Warm, caring, strong, consistent, tirelessly helpful. Our daughter loves her first teacher. 

And here we are; 2 and a bit terms into the first year of school. 

We had a daughter who was shy; uniquely introverted. A person with a vivid imagination, but of few words. But there’s something in her eyes. Warmth, dreams.

We now have a daughter who speaks of her friends. A daughter who draws pictures for her friends, who tells us hilarious stories of her classmates. A daughter who tells stories. A girl who walks around with a pen and a writing pad, rewriting books. A girl who calls her school ‘mine’. A girl who loves her school.

There is no greater compliment.

The difference? One lady.

Thanks Mrs Lane!