This is a weekly feature for Educational Experience to gain greater insight into the people who are at the forefront of education and care.

This week we are featuring Sue Beveridge, National Education Advocacy Manager for ELECTROBOARD Solutions.

What inspired you to become a teacher?

I attended Cheltenham Girl’s High which was a very progressive high school with an outstanding staff for instance Thea Astley, the Australian author was my English teacher. As girls we were encouraged to follow our passions and to believe that girls could do anything! In my final year at school my History teacher was a fascinating young woman who had travelled back to Australia overland via India. She had taught all over the World and lived the most exciting life. She inspired me to love History ( I came second in the state in my HSC thanks to her) and to see how education as a career could be very rewarding. I could see that I would be able to continue following my passion and share it with others.


How will your teaching and learning be different in ten years’ time?

My career has taken many paths. I have been a classroom teacher, a Head Teacher of English, School Executive and a Senior Executive in the NSW Department of Education. So I have held positions where I have been responsible for the learning of both students and teachers. In my current role as a National Education Advocacy Manager for technology in education I continue to teach but through my writing, conference presentations and digital publishing. I imagine that in the next ten years I will continue to utilise emerging technologies tools for learning. No doubt technologies that we can’t even imagine will pop up, and we will need to understand how they can be applied to a learning context.


What is your most valuable educational resource?

Listening to “Student voice”!  I have always tried to understand what will engage learners and how to connect with them. It is critical that we are learning from learners, asking them how they want to learn and what matters to them. As the pace of change particularly in the digital world is rapid it is important to understand the world of the students we are teaching. Using research tools such as focus groups, surveys and seeking feedback from students about these important questions we develop a rich resource of information to improve teaching and learning.


You have $1 million; describe you ultimate learning environment.

A beautiful light space with access to our garden. The learning space would have the furniture that enabled flexibility for grouping and performance with the latest technology providing mobility and interactivity via large and small screens for collaboration and video conferencing beyond the walls of the learning space.

Sue Beveridge

National Education Advocacy Manager


20 Atchison Street, St. Leonards, NSW 2065

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