Let's begin across the Pacific, across America and to Washington DC. The annual Whitehouse egg hunt and roll sees children from across America gather in the US Presidents’ famous residence. This event has been so popular there is a lottery to gain an invite!

Meanwhile, in the small Atlantic island nation of Bermuda, Easter is celebrated with flying home-made kites, eating codfish cake and hot cross buns. According to Bermuda-online.org, these traditions begun during the days as a British colony and the British Army presence on the islands.

Across the Atlantic, in the far north of Europe, there’s a tradition in Norway called Passakekrim. The Norway Post explains that many around Norway spend the Easter break reading crime fiction or watching detective, mystery and crime fiction on TV.

Travelling south, across Africa there are over 70 million Christians who commemorate Easter. In many parts of Africa, Easter is a popular time, with many social events plans within communities. In some parts, like in Ethiopia, the time is a deeply religious experience, while in other parts it is a time for family to come together. Also, it is used in many communities as a time for non-Christians and Christians to come together in social events.

Continuing our journey, we travel across the Indian Ocean and towards the Pacific to the nation of the Philippines. As the country with the largest population of Christians in Asia, Easter has significant meaning in the Philippines. For many, the Holy Week sees businesses on holiday or with restricted trading, special TV features with religious programmes. Many communities observe religious processions and special gatherings with the wider family.

Then we can head home to Australia, where community groups gather to reflect and remember, while others enjoy Easter egg hunts and a visit from the Easter Bilby!

Where will you go this Easter?