“I had a good feeling from the beginning, when she walked in acting like she had already been going there forever. She has always thoroughly enjoyed the family day care setting on Fridays and much more settled, than going to her long day care centre during the week.” Caroline, parent at Renata's Family Day Care

I guess the key to success is to allow for time and understanding. Building towards a trusting partnership. Taking the time to get to know your new families and children. Once your trust is formed the barriers will come down on all fronts. When leaving familiar grounds to face unfamiliar grounds, there are so many questions and uncertainties in one’s mind.

“The change has been positive for all of us. Not only with new and different types of stimulation but he gets to socialise with other kids and learn loads of new skills.” Carolyn, parent at Renata's Family Day Care

When I have a new child in care I know to expect mixed emotions from both parents and children. Some feelings that come to mind are: excitement, anticipation, worry, anxiety, curiosity and maybe even resentment. Parents are entrusting a stranger along with a strange environment with their most precious of precious. Be aware of their emotions and show empathy.

“The major concern for Dad was letting his little girl go and it was hard to leave her. With Renata comforting her she was fine. She doesn't want to go home and she gets upset when she has to leave Renata.” Tonette, Renata's Family Day Care

For me the parent/child/educator partnership starts at the very beginning whilst conducting the interview. Be relaxed and welcoming at interview. Display confidence in your ability as an educator and always allow for any questions or concerns the parents may have.  

On our first day of care I will ensure my learning areas are well set up with activities that require little supervision. This will allow for my attention to focus on connecting with my new child in care. My utmost priority is to gain trust and to connect. Once this is established the child will be free to flourish. Introducing the new child to the other children in care is important. There are some great name songs you can use to encourage name recognition. We like to use “I wonder what your name is I wonder if you know?”  

Being partners in change we all have roles to play in order for transition to be as smooth as possible:





  • Ensure you are available to discuss any queries or concerns
  • Offer guidance, reassurance and a listening ear when needed
  • Create various communication channels, be it through email, messenger, feedback forms
  • Focus on all the positives, empowering the parents through this process
  • Allow for shorter days if required, until confidence is gained
  • Identify child’s strengths, weaknesses & needs
  • Post photos daily enabling families to connect
  • Where there is a will there is always a way
  • Create a clear access for parent involvement within the service and its curriculum
  • Ensuring our curriculum has a varied exposure to all areas of development
  • Lots of cuddles, reassurance, encouragement, praise and love


  • Communicate clearly and openly with your educator
  • Involve child in all aspects of transition planning
  • Get to know your educator, other parents & children in care
  • Be warm and responsive to your child’s questions & emotions
  • Provide structure and set limits
  • Create a clear morning and afternoon routine
  • Encourage parents to contribute to decision-making processes


  • Release your protective guard, allowing for the educator to connect
  • Build new relationships with peers
  • Learn to trust that your educator is there for you always
  • Learn from each other
  • Have fun whilst learning through play



Our partnerships in change enable us to create an environment where both children and families feel they belong. An environment built on trust and respect is essential.

Within our partnerships we create strong bonds and deeply rooted memories, more than likely out living their time in care. There is no other role like it.

More about Renata:


A mum of four, with 18 years of Family Day Care experience.

With many industry changes over the years, we have finally turned some exciting corners within Early Years Education.  Children’s interests and rights both valued and respected.

Renata’s Family Day Care is registered with Sutherland Shire Council’s FDC Scheme. Our quality of care is a continual work in progress. A service that reflects both my passion and love for the Early Years.

We believe in:

Relationships built and nourished with respect and empathy.

Producing lifelong memories and bonds.

Acknowledging the importance of sustainable practice and caring for our world.

We all play an important role, we all matter and we all belong.

Through play we educate and empower the future leaders of tomorrow.

I sincerely hope you to enjoy this journey with us.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media to hear more from Renata!