Science, technology, engineering and maths form an integral part of the world in which we live, they must therefore form an integral part of our early childhood curriculum.  In developing an understanding of the world around them, children draw on multiple sources of information to increase their own knowledge.

 At Glendale Early Education Centre, STEMs are used throughout all aspects of our play based learning curriculum, including but not limited to construction activities.  From a very young age, Educators support children’s learning through the use of tablets, laptops and other technology to learn about our world, whether it be more about how boats travel through canals, how gravity effects the flow of water or how a light source can be used to create images through shadows.  Children are able to explore concepts related to physics and engineering through the use of highly regarded apps and online age appropriate games, as well as through the use of videos and photos sourced on the internet.


Most recently, the children in the 2-3 room explored the way that boats move through canals with locks.  They discovered that engineering has meant that large ships can travel through narrow spaces where the water level rises and falls depending on which locks are opened and closed at a particular time.  After watching this feat of modern engineering on a tablet, the children where then given construction materials to explore this concept further.  Pipes, containers, water, measuring cups, channels and lots of other construction material was provided to allow children to experiment with water levels and develop a deeper understanding of the concepts learned through the use of concrete materials and experimentation.

"Allowing children time and resources to experiment and problem solve, creates endless opportunities to learn about the world in which we live."

By providing the correct tools, Educators are resourcing children to learn complicated concepts through play based learning.  Construction activities, in the hands of a skilled Educator, can go way beyond simply wooden blocks or duplo.  Construction has the capacity to teach children about machines, levers, pulleys, force, acceleration and momentum.  Construction allows children to become physicists and engineers and when teamed with appropriate technology, construction has the possibility to explain to children, concepts about the man-made aspects of the world in which they live.

About Glendale Early Education Centre:

Set amongst beautiful bush land and wide open spaces, Glendale Early Education Centre is a community based, not-for-profit service governed by a parent management committee. The centre has been established for 14 years. Our philosophy encompasses building strong relationships with children and families, nurturing and respecting differences, building community bonds and teaching children about their importance as caretakers of the natural environment for today and for the future. Glendale has received an Exceeding the National Quality Standards rating from ACECQA in December 2013. We have above required staffing numbers and qualifications. Our staff have over 150 years of combined experience working with children and we pride ourselves on our innovative, high quality programs and learning environments.