Featured with the TTS Donation, left to right, Annette Kennwell, (National Schools Manager at Educational Experience), Cheryl Fahey, (Learning Technology Consultant, Catholic Education Office for Maitland and Newcastle Diocese), John Wakely, (Principal of St Pius X Primary School), Cate Pennington (Acting Principal St Pius X Primary School in Term 2).

Positive education partnerships are fundamental to Educational Experience. Newcastlewas an important stop on the world education tour for Marie Barr, Head of UK and International Trade Sales of TTS. During her tour of a variety of schools from all sectors, Ms Barr was impressed by the range of resources and the passion that teachers have to provide quality teaching and learning to all students. TTS is an international supplier to Educational Experience, offering high quality technology resources and excellent professional development tools for teachers. 

After Marie’s visit, Annette Kennewell, our Schools Business Development Manager, coordinated a generous and heartfelt donation to St Pius X Primary School, Windale from TTS. The two boxes arrived at Educational Experience full of surprises. TTS had provided the school with a number of items that have not yet been released in Australia. This small community focused school received two boxes packed full of highly engaging musical, physical education, technological, reading, writing, listening and exceptional early childhood educational tools. Included in the boxes are various information technology resources such as the Bee-Bot (a programmable floor robot), speaking and listening devices for English (Easi Speak, Easi Listener, Chatter Block, Talking Points, Big Points, and Talk-Tine Card), Rechargeable Stopwatches for Maths, Mirror Boxes and Weaving Shapes.

A surprised and thankful principal, John Wakely emphasised how these resources would enhance the learning. 'These valuable resources will enable teachers to individualise learning programs, to target areas of learning that challenge and extend each student according to their level of skill and development,' said Mr Wakely. Also, Mr Wakley highlighted that St Pius must have strong community and business partnerships, 'We need partnerships with business and smart thinking organisations to give students the choices to move beyond the life styles they now experience. Education is the key to such movement and being enterprise orientation is the basis for such growth.' 

Additionally, upon presentation of the resources to the school, Annette organised complimentary Professional Development with the teachers on the new exclusive resources and has worked work with the students to demonstrate how the resources can be used to enhance learning. Educational Experience believes that there couldn’t be a better way to support small schools like St Pius X than with an ongoing positive educational partnership.