Allowing skilled readers to pair with children new to school is a good activity to include in your winter reading challenge. Developing art projects that include posters of sight words will help engage children in their developing literacy skills. Posting the art works around the home or centre means they become important visual reminder for the children.


- Chart the children’s success: set up a chart in the home or centre and add a sticker when a child completes a book.

- Transform the book in to a dramatic play; a great way to bring technology into the centre with the educators filming the play. A great thing to share with relatives!

- There are a thousand art projects that can come from books:

  • Try redesigning the cover of the book;
  • Retell the story with different pictures, or add pictures if the children are reading chapter novels,
  • Design posters promoting the book to other children.

Head over to Pinterest to get the imagination flowing with plenty of ideas for book corners, learning spaces and literacy activities!