Who we are:

Healthy Learning is all about actively learning through play and answering questions with experiences, not just words. We are passionate about supporting you, as parents, educators and carers, with ideas and inspiration to help your child or the children in your care become confident, resilient and holistically healthy little beings.

What we do:

We bring resources from Educational Experience to life, through a range of different experiences for children of all ages and learning styles. We then share photos and the stories behind the photos with our Healthy Learning community via Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  We focus on the child’s needs on each level; socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

Why we do it:

We do it because our children need us to!

They need us to let them play, to encourage them to get their hands dirty, to let them learn through trial and error and answer questions in a way that makes sense to them – and play allows for all of this. We know that play is our brains favourite way to learn and we also believe that there is nothing that a child cannot learn through play. We LOVE having the opportunity to inspire the parents and carers of our next generation, and to hear further ideas or suggestions from people within our Healthy Learning Community.