Resources at Exceed Early Education and Care are vast and varied and play an integral part in children’s learning and development.

As a new service who were assisted by Educational Experience in their resource selection process, we wanted to find out how these resources are now being used by educators and children.

The initial process to select resources involved the usual considerations such as quality and quantity however educator feedback has been the most vital tool in assessing resource suitability moving forward. Educators will regularly document the use of resources in the educational program, providing insight into their suitability for age groups, skill sets, interests and development outcomes. After the initial implementation of these resources into the environment, it become evident how educator philosophies echoed the interests of many of the children. Resources promoting creativity and imaginative play such as geoboards and natural resources were some of the early favourites.

As children continue to grow, learn and develop, resources are changed and sourced accordingly. This process has involved observations of children’s experiences and extensions then planned accordingly.

Educational Experience resources as used across a broad range of experiences at Exceed Early Education and Care such as dance, sport, group time, free play, indoor and outdoor and are used with children aged 0 – 12years.  

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