Over the past few months Educational Experience has walked side by side with Exceed Early Education and Care, resourcing their newly built service. We knew that being an educator was no easy gig but it wasn’t until we recently visited the service that this truly began to sink in.

We visited the service on a normal operating day and spent some time with Katrina Baines, one of the directors, who showed us just what a day looks like in the newly built service. We were exhausted just watching! From setting up inclusive environments to serving up nutritious meals, comforting to cleaning up and development to documentation, there seems as though is never enough time in the day!

As an educator and director of Exceed Early Education and Care as well as a mum, Katrina is deeply passionate about seeing young children grow and develop to be the best they can be. One of the core focuses of both the service and Katrina’s teaching style, is that children learn through play. As a director of a large service, she believes that if an environment is set up well and the educators are supportive and encouraging, children will thrive.

Stay tuned to see how the philosophy of both the service and Katrina are integrated with the use of our resources.