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Our Vision

Educational Experience is a quality learning resource partner for educational communities, enabling environments for current and future generations to play, learn and grow.  

Our Mission

To be the preferred learning resource supplier for the Education and Care Sector by providing quality, valued products and services with unparalleled customer focus.


Our Story 

In 2017, Educational Experience celebrates its 40th year as a trusted educational resource partner of the Education and Care sector.We have truly stood the test of time.We recognise and celebrate the evolution of the educational landscape across this timeline, and cherish our place within its rich and diverse history, advocating for the rights and
equal education of every child.

Unlike themes and concepts over the past 40 years, our values and commitments have never changed. We continue to deliver quality, innovative resources in a timely manner, with superior customer service every step of the way.In 2017, Educational Experience takes another momentous step forward with the introduction of the Boolarng Programme, focused entirely on incorporating Indigenous perspective into everyday practice. Boolarng signifies “together”, and is what we live and breathe at Educational Experience. At all business levels we integrate knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures, in an endeavour to pass on our knowledge and passion to each and every customer. We believe in doing so, we will strengthen cultural and social ties within the community, truly creating a sense of togetherness. As part of the Boolarng Programme, we are proud to release an exclusive range of Indigenous Australian resources that have true depth and authenticity through our partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the country.


Last year we made a promise to our customers to lead the conversation about learning, and we are delighted to announce this continues in 2017 with the introduction of STEM as a core focus. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are brimming with boundless learning opportunities and we are thrilled to be taking the initiative to best prepare children with the essential skills for the economy of the future.
Our years of sourcing and supplying quality educational resources to the early years have culminated in one of our proudest moments. There is no better time, than in our 40th year, to introduce the Educational Experience value range - a range of quality, consumable products at affordable prices, that we are delighted to call our own. We are so proud and confident in this range we are even supporting it with a Double Back Guarantee.

This year, on our ruby anniversary, we celebrate, commemorate and take another giant leap forward in the world of Education and Care. Look out for the introduction of fresh and innovative products all year round, more inspiration to guide your daily experiences and an abundance of special promotions and events. We will share our stories of the past 40 years as well as look forward to our next 40 years collaborating and celebrating the wonder of childhood.

We invite you to join us, creating moments, memories and stories together.

Enabling Educational Communities since 1977

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